Meet The Comfy: The Coziest Blanket/Sweatshirt Ever

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If you watch Shark Tank, you might have seen the episode where Barbara Corcoran invested in a giant blanket/sweatshirt called The Comfy. I remember watching the episode and exclaiming that I thought it looked awesome. So when I had the opportunity to review this cozy must-have, I couldn’t refuse.

Winters here in Montana are beautiful. We live above the snowline so we often have snow on the ground, even while the city is snow-free. While beautiful, there’s still a noticeable chill in the air, creating a choice between wanting to brave the cold to enjoy the scenery or stay inside where it’s warm. The Comfy allows me to venture outdoors while still staying toasty warm – whether it’s to sit by the firepit, walk the dogs, or just enjoy the fresh air.

Meet The Comfy: The Coziest Blanket/Sweatshirt Ever

The Comfy is a giant blanket-sweatshirt hybrid. The outer sweatshirt is an ultra-soft blanket material. The inside of The Comfy is a fuzzy sherpa material that instantly makes you feel warmer. It really did feel like I was wearing a blanket.

My favorite feature of The Comfy is that the extra-large size lets you pull the sweatshirt/blanket over your knees, down towards your feet. Throw the hood over your head and you’re quickly, and entirely, covered in plush, luxurious, warmth from head to toe.

Meet The Comfy: The Coziest Blanket/Sweatshirt Ever

There’s a giant pocket on the front for you to store phones, remote controls, or even a tablet. The arms of The Comfy are extra long and extra wide. You can easily pull your arms and hands fully inside to keep your them warm. They’re cuffed, so they didn’t fall past my hands when I didn’t want my hands covered.

Meet The Comfy: The Coziest Blanket/Sweatshirt Ever

The Comfy is a great gift idea for anyone who enjoys lounging at home or spending time outdoors. Its one-size-fits-all size means it fits men, women, and kids. Not only did it fit me, but my husband, who is 5″ taller than me, found it soft, warm, and roomy as well.

The Original Comfy retails for $39.99 and is available at thecomfy.com, as well as in Bed, Bath & Beyond, Target, Kroger, Shopko, and Fred Meyer locations. It is available in a variety of colors – Blue, Gray, Pink, Black, Burgundy, Purple, Teal, and Cream.

Where would you wear your Comfy?

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Mary Poppins Returns is “Practically Perfect in Every Way” – Now Playing in Theaters Everywhere

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I attended a free Advance Screening in exchange for my honest opinion.

Mary Poppins Returns Movie Poster: Mary Poppins Returns is "Practically Perfect in Every Way"Mary Poppins Returns from Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures arrives just in time for Christmas. Rated PG, it’s a live-action musical with an all-star cast and directed by Rob Marshall. Based on the series of books from P.L. Travers, this movie sequel is set two decades after the first–during the Great Slump, a term for the Great Depression in Great Britain.

Now grown, the original Banks children are muddling through life. Jane is an activist for the working class and she helps her brother, Michael, with his family. Michael, an artist forced to work at the bank where his father had worked, is a widower with three children. Behind on bills, Michael is threated with foreclosure unless he can come up with the full amount due on his loan.  With three precocious children to feed, he’s feeling hopeless, especially when he can’t find the bank shares left to him by his father.  Losing the family home on 17 Cherry Tree Lane feels inevitable.

Left to their own devices, the children fly a kite during a sudden wind gust which brings Mary Poppins tethered to the kite. Suddenly, things liven up at home. Mary Poppins, and her brand of magic and view on life, brings adventures in baths which lead to another world, a vaudeville show in a Royal Doulton bowl, meeting her crazy cousin Topsy, and fun traversing London with a leery named Jack. With the guidance of Mary Poppins, the children go up against an evil banker, and they help find the missing pieces to the puzzle needed to help their family and save their home.

Mary Poppins Returns is "Practically Perfect in Every Way" - Now Playing in Theaters Everywhere

The musical scores are original and help segue from scene to scene with the words of the songs meaningful to the story. An homage to the era of the Hollywood musicals, this movie will give you the nostalgia of the original movie with the live-action animation, wonderful song and dance scenes, and witty dialogue. The movie is engaging, delightful, and perfect for all ages. “Trip a Little Light Fantastic” is a fabulous musical scene and a nod to the original Mary Poppins movie using the street lamplighters to help shed light and life into the world.

Mary Poppins Returns is "Practically Perfect in Every Way" - Now Playing in Theaters Everywhere

With cameos from Dick Van Dyke and Angela Lansbury bringing characters from the original movie and books into Mary Poppins Returns, plus snippets from the original songs and the occasional repartee, the entertainment is non-stop. When all is right with the family, Mary Poppins leaves the same way she came in—on a gust of wind. The family has found joy again and their world is full of light and laughter. In the words of Mary Poppins, this movie is “practically perfect in every way” for this holiday season.

Mary Poppins Returns: Dick Van Dyke as Mr. Dawes Jr.: the chairman of Fidelity Fiduciary Bank.

Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins Returns as Mr. Dawes Jr.: the chairman of Fidelity Fiduciary Bank.

Mary Poppins Returns is now playing in theaters everywhere!

Mary Poppins Returns Official Trailer

Mary Poppins Returns Online

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Make Your Own Lip Balm with Handcrafted Lip Balms: A Collection of All-Natural Recipes

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Handcrafted Lip Balms: A Collection of All-Natural Recipes from Quarto Publishing Group is a Book and Craft Kit in a box with instructions and ingredients to help you make lip balms for gifts and for yourself. The instructions included in the Book have recipes for twelve different types of lip balms, and each has a different flavor and benefits for your lips.

Make Your Own Lip Balm with Handcrafted Lip Balms: A Collection of All-Natural Recipes

The Kit includes six round pods in different colors to mix or match, beeswax pastilles, an easy-release silicone mold, and the book with easy to use instructions. The Kit itself makes a great gift for any crafty person in your life, and it’s so simple, even kids can make the lip balms with adult supervision. No stove needed, heating in the microwave makes it a great alternative and easy cleanup.

Make Your Own Lip Balm with Handcrafted Lip Balms: A Collection of All-Natural Recipes

I decided to make the Coconut Oil Lip Balm since I had coconut oil on hand from another craft project. I gathered the pods, the mold, and the beeswax pastilles from the kit and added measuring spoons, a microwave-safe glass measuring cup, and the coconut oil from my crafting stash. For easy cleanup, I had a paper towel, plus a hot pad for the measuring cup.

Make Your Own Lip Balm with Handcrafted Lip Balms: A Collection of All-Natural Recipes

It was easy to measure the ingredients, heat them in the microwave, and pour into the mold. The balm mixture needs to sit at room temperature for 25 minutes or you can speed the process in the freezer. I put it in the freezer for about 12 minutes and it was hardened enough to unmold, your time may vary. After unmolding, the lip balm is ready to use. It’s that simple!

Make Your Own Lip Balm with Handcrafted Lip Balms: A Collection of All-Natural Recipes

The Book has tips and techniques, plus troubleshooting; how to clean and reuse the pods; a little bit of history on lip products; and recipes for making a lot of different lip balms. The lip balms should be replaced every two months. There’s enough beeswax in the kit to make all the balms from the different recipes, and it’s easy to find beeswax at a craft store to make more in the future. Everything can be stored in the decorative box.

Make Your Own Lip Balm with Handcrafted Lip Balms: A Collection of All-Natural Recipes

This holiday season, you can gift the Handcrafted Lip Balms: A Collection of All-Natural Recipes Kit or make the lip balms and give them as gifts or keep them for yourself.  Crafting that’s fun and easy to make alone or with a friend or two. So many recipes, you’ll enjoy trying them all.

Visit www.quartoknows.com to learn more about this useful, DIY lip balm craft kit. You can also buy Handcrafted Lip Balms: A Collection of All-Natural Recipes online on Amazon and various other online book retailers.

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Three Fragrances to Add Ambience to Your Bedroom

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This a contributed post and contains affiliate links.

People can spend a whole lot of time and money designing and decorating the perfect bedroom. Typically, the goal is to create a place that is relaxing, soothing, and even romantic. While décor will certainly help to achieve your design goal, one thing that people don’t always think about is how scent affects the overall ambience. Our senses all work together when it comes to ambience, so in terms of your bedroom, that means sight, sound, touch, and smell.

Three Fragrances to Add Ambience to Your Bedroom

By adding fragrance into the mix you’ll be able to transform the feeling in the room. Fragrance can be added through room refreshers, room sprays, mists, and candles but they can also be added by spraying a spritz of perfume which tends to be more potent.

As for which perfume fragrances work best in the bedroom, there are all kinds that you can choose from. The https://www.mapleprime.com/ site is a great place to find some of the hottest fragrances out there, including those that will work beautifully in your bedroom. With its competitive prices and free shipping, it will help you to complete the bedroom makeover. Here’s a look at some fabulous scents to try.

Florals Are the Most Popular for the Bedroom

Three Fragrances to Add Ambience to Your Bedroom

While there are all kinds of different scents out there, floral scents tend to be the most popular when it comes to the bedroom. Floral scents have a way of creating a sense of relaxation, and they can also be quite soothing which can be helpful when you’re trying to unwind and fall asleep. Notes of tuberose, and sandalwood can create just such an ambience.

On the flip side, some floral scents can also work to create a more refreshing feel in the room. They have a livelier scent if you will. These include scents such as white lily and orchid. If you are going for that bright, airy, and clean feeling, then these are probably the better notes to go with.

DKNY Cashmere Mist

Here’s a scent that can most certainly be worn by you, but that may seem a bit too heavy on a daily basis. What makes this one so interesting though is that it works beautifully as a room spray. DKNY Cashmere Mist features notes of lily, Moroccan jasmine, musk, amber, sandalwood, and bergamot. The end result is something really romantic and warm. It almost comes across as an essence rather than a perfume.

Three Fragrances to Add Ambience to Your Bedroom - Versace Bright CrystalVersace Bright Crystal

Can’t decide between a soothing and relaxing scent verses something a bit livelier? If that’s the case, then Versace Bright Crystal may be the best option. This one features notes of water lily, peony, pomegranate, amber, musk, and yuzu. The end result is bright and lively but also romantic and serene.

Gucci Flora by Gucci – Gorgeous Gardenia

If you’re looking for something fresh, lively, and that smells like a beautiful summer garden, then Gucci Flora by Gucci – Gorgeous Gardenia could be a great way to go. It features notes of pear, red berries, and white gardenia.

Don’t Forget They Aren’t Just for the Room

While your focus may be on creating ambience in the bedroom, don’t forget that each of these scents are also meant to be worn and enjoyed as a perfume.

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Dave’s Sweet Tooth Toffee is Delicious, Handmade Toffee

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Dave’s Sweet Tooth Toffee is handmade in small batches in Michigan. Made from fresh, real ingredients like butter, sugar, milk chocolate, and hand sliced almonds, each batch of Dave’s Sweet Tooth Toffee is prepared with love and tastes like homemade. Based on a toffee recipe from his father, Andrew Chmielewski created a business based on his father’s hobby, even naming it after his dad, Dave, a retired firefighter.

Dave's Sweet Tooth Toffee is Delicious, Handmade Toffee

I was sent five flavors of delicious handmade toffee to review: Dark Chocolate Cherry, Coffee Toffee, Pumpkin Spice, Milk Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate. Every single flavor is delicious.

Dark Chocolate Cherry: Take the sweet of the dark chocolate toffee, add in the chewy tartness of the cherry, and it makes your taste buds happy.

Coffee Toffee: I don’t drink coffee, and the Coffee Toffee is amazing—just the right amount of coffee enhancing the chocolate flavor.

Pumpkin Spice: October’s Flavor of the Month, it has a perfect balance of spices found in fall treats—cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and allspice. Great accompaniment for your Fall beverages.

Milk Chocolate: A classic flavor that doesn’t disappoint. You’ll want to pass this off as your own.

Dark Chocolate: Rich and decadent, this is my personal favorite. I did not share this bag with the family. It’s that good!

Dave's Sweet Tooth Toffee is Delicious, Handmade Toffee

The texture of Dave’s Sweet Tooth Toffee is slightly softer than the hard toffee you may be used to eating. It’s still crisp, but you won’t feel like you’re going to break a tooth on it. Tastes fresh and just like homemade without standing over the stove stirring for a long time. The bits of almonds in each bite make it different than most on the market. I love the thickness of the pieces. The toffee is naturally gluten-free, certified Kosher-Dairy, all natural ingredients, no artificial flavors, and no preservatives. They recommend storing in the refrigerator after opening. It does contain nuts. It’s sold in pouches and jars with a variety of flavors and ordering options.

Dave's Sweet Tooth Toffee is Delicious, Handmade Toffee

Dave’s Sweet Tooth Toffee is perfect as a snack at home or for gifting. A delightful treat to bring you great pleasure while savoring the variety of flavors, and always: Hand Made, Homemade, Small Batch Goodness.

Visit www.davessweettooth.com to learn more and shop the variety of toffee available in their online toffee store. They also have several toffee gift boxes that are ideal for holiday gifting. Select Dave’s Sweet Tooth Toffee is also on sale on Amazon.

Which flavor of Dave’s Sweet Tooth Toffee do you want to try the most?

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5 Inspiring Movies To Watch

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This a contributed post and contains affiliate links.

There is more than enough doom and gloom around at the moment to make even the most optimistic person feel down. So with that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of five great movies to make you feel inspired and happy. These uplifting tales will put a smile on your face and a spring in your step. We’ve covered the whole gamut of goodness from Horse Racing to Nasa!

5 Inspiring Movies to Watch


The true story of how a jockey diagnosed with cancer and a horse plagued with injuries went on to win the world’s toughest horse race. John Hurt stars as jockey Bob Champion. When doctors gave him a 50/50 chance of beating cancer, Bob Champion reacted with typical stubbornness. The cure was not easy on his body. A large-scale infection nearly claimed his life. However, the dream of riding in the Grand National drove Champion to overcome the odds.

In 1981 he finally realized his lifelong dream, he teamed up with an 11-year-old horse called Aldaniti for Grand National. The horse had suffered three serious career injuries and had battled back to fitness, not unlike his jockey. Punters speculated that the pair would be lucky to get around the formidable Aintree course. A track which consists of 30 jumps, including the infamous ‘Becher’s Brook’ fence with its hair-raising 6ft 9in drop on the landing side.

These two survivors melded on the racecourse that day in 1981. Their win was one of the most memorable and emotional moments witnessed on a racecourse. The story has been immortalized in this stunning movie from director John Irvin. Great performances from a star-studded cast which includes John Hurt, Edward Woodward and Kirstie Alley.

The Pursuit Of Happyness

The Pursuit Of HappynessReal-life father and son duo Will & Jaden Smith star in this bittersweet story based on the true experiences of entrepreneur Chris Gardner. The movie details how an aspiring salesman becomes homeless with his five-year-old son after his marriage breaks down. The father and son team are engaged in a daily struggle to eat and find somewhere safe to sleep.

This all sounds rather depressing, right? And it is to a point. But ultimately this is a rags to riches tale. Through sheer hard work and determination, Chris is able to pull himself and his son out of the grinding poverty that few of us can imagine.

When he lands an internship at a brokerage firm his life starts to turn round. Today it is estimated that Gardner and his businesses are worth $60 million. Although, his true worth is surely his inspiring tale of determination over adversity.

Hidden Figures

The protagonists in Hidden Figures are a group of women working for NASA in 1961. The movie focuses on the three African-American women – Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson. It follows their lives working for NASA in a mostly white and male-dominated space program.

Despite segregation still being legal at the time, each of them proved that the prejudices of the time would not hold them back. Their intellect and commitment got them through the obstacles of the day and played an essential role in launching astronaut John Glenn into space.

Totally uplifting film with a pumping soundtrack to boot!

The Little Prince

The Little PrinceThis classic French children’s story gets the big screen treatment from director Mark Osborne (Kung Fu Panda * SpongeBob SquarePants). The movie is about a young girl being raised by an overworked single mother. The young girl becomes friends with an elderly neighbor who regales her with stories of his adventures with The Little Prince.

Stop-motion animation is mixed with CGI to produce a beautifully animated story. The film feels timeless, kids and adults will love this movie which has a heart of gold.

Long Shot

‘Long Shot’ is a life-affirming, feel-good documentary. However, it raises serious questions about the integrity of the LAPD and state prosecutors. If not for a random twist of fate, Juan Catalan would now be sitting on death row awaiting execution. This is an amazing story which will leave you questioning the criminal justice system.

Director Jacob LaMendola takes the talking head approach to this incredible true story. This story is so fascinating that it doesn’t need fancy cinematography to keep you engaged. This is not a long drawn out doc-series like Making of a Murder. With a running time of just 40 minutes, it is brief enough to keep even the most casual viewer hooked.

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Make Your Home Smell Wonderful with Floral Simplicity Scented Sachets

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It’s the holiday season, time for freshening the house before company comes. A great way to add subtle fragrance to your home is Scented Sachets from Floral Simplicity–sachet envelopes with long-lasting scents to put anywhere. Made in the USA from start to finish, it’s a product designed with minimal environmental impact in mind and uses materials which are recycled (paper) and biodegradable (inks). The scented material is a natural inert ingredient used in potting soil.

Make Your Home Smell Wonderful with Floral Simplicity Scented Sachets

Make Your Home Smell Wonderful with Floral Simplicity Scented SachetsThe sachets have lovely packaging, so you don’t have to hide it if you put it in a basket on an end table or nightstand. Of course, it’s so versatile, you can tuck one in a closet, under the car seat, a laundry hamper, in the bathroom, or a clothes drawer. It’s not designed to be opened like a bag of potpourri and poured into a bowl, but if you want to add to a vacuum bag, you would open the sachet envelope and pour some in so the fragrance is released as you vacuum.  From warm bakery scents like Almond Biscotti, Apple Cinnamon, and Pumpkin Spice; clean scents like Laundry Basket; and seasonal scents such as Winter Cheer and Frost; plus a variety of florals, there are so many ways to use the aroma of Floral Simplicity Scented Sachets in your surroundings.

Floral Simplicity Scented Sachets can be used in every room and need in your life. We received a variety of scents for the review, and each one can be used in so many areas. They’re slim and tuck into many places like baskets, under the sofa, in the linen closet, in a storage container with out of season clothing, a gym bag, in luggage, even sneakers.

Make Your Home Smell Wonderful with Floral Simplicity Scented Sachets

Make Your Car Smell Wonderful with Floral Simplicity Scented SachetsIf you’re a carpool mom for school, sports, or activities, you’ll appreciate having one in your vehicle to combat the odors that come with kids: sports gear, fast food from the drive-thru, or mystery odors.

Floral Simplicity Scented Sachets are very affordable, too. Visit www.floralsimplicity.com to shop the entire Floral Simplicity Scented Sachet collection. Prices start at just $2.95 per scented sachet. 3 packs are priced at $8.50. Floral Simplicity is a family business, and they believe in giving back through a variety of charities. Floral Simplicity: Have a greener scented day. ™

Select Floral Simplicity home fragrance products are available for sale online on Amazon.

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So You Want To Help People? Here’s How

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This is a contributed post and contains affiliate links.

So You Want To Help People? Here’s How

We all want different things out of life, and they will very much depend on who we are and what our interests or passions or skills are. But that’s one of the best things about life. None of us are the same. We’re all unique, and we can all contribute something to life in the best possible ways. But sometimes, you won’t always know what you can contribute. Or maybe you do know what you’d like to do with your life, but you just do not know how to get started.

This can very much be the case when it comes to the desire to help people. This is always going to be a great thing, and something so positive that you can aspire to. But the desire to help people is quite broad. And you’re going to want to figure out not only how you can help others, but what options you have to actually make this happen. It’s often the biggest hurdle that we all face when we want to try and make a difference. Because how do you actually start to make a difference in another person’s life?

Well, there are a variety of ways that you can help people. You just need to identify the way in which you’re best able to do that. So let’s take a look at a few ways.


First of all, this could be something as simple as choosing to volunteer. If you really want to help out in your community or give back, then it’s time to just get started. See what you can do in your local area. Or, if you have a cause that you’re passionate about, then take a look at how you could make a difference in this area.


Or maybe you want to be able to help others to learn or become the best versions of themselves? When this is the case, going into teaching could be perfect for you. And don’t worry if teaching wasn’t your original career choice. Because you can turn to something such as https://online.redlands.edu/programs/online-malt in order for you to get trained and qualified. Then, you can influence a whole host of people’s lives.

So You Want To Help People? Here’s How


But you don’t always have to do something as big and bold as getting involved with a big cause or teaching others. It could be that you just offer your ear or you be there for others. Because sometimes, being a good friend, or a kind stranger, or offering your support in another way is absolutely perfect.

Lead By Example

From here, it might be the case that you get to lead by example. Because sometimes, if you want to make a difference in the lives of others, then you need to make a change first. It can be hard to get others to see where they are going wrong, or help them to help themselves. But if you can make a change first, then you will find that it’s really going to help you to start making changes yourself, as then they will follow.

Start Your Own Business

Next, it could be that you want to start your own business so that you’re able to really help others. Maybe you want to start a service that will be beneficial for people’s lives? Or maybe you want to do a job that allows you to give back in your own way? When you start your own business, you’re able to do anything that you want. So if this is how you want to help others, then you need to ensure you get started today.

Be Kind

Then, from here, you may find that it’s really beneficial for you to be able to carry out random acts of kindness wherever you can. Because you could really influence others and help to turn their days around, just by being nice and friendly. And if you’re not sure how to, or where to start, then these ideas here https://www.bradaronson.com/acts-of-kindness/ might help you. But the kinder you can be, and the more you can do for others, the better.

Be Positive

As a step on from that, if you really want to help others and make a difference in people’s lives, especially those that you’re around or come into contact with every single day, then you should look to be as positive as possible. Because positivity spreads. And you never know how your positivity can influence others and really help to turn their day, and even their lives, around.

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Book Lovers Gift Idea: Meet the Kobo Clara HD eReader

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During the holidays, books and eReader are wonderful gifts, and the Kobo Clara HD eReader is a great book lover gift idea that provides a user-friendly way to read your favorite books. Out of the box, it’s so easy to set up, connect to Wi-Fi, sign in or create an account, and charge when it needs power. I love its compact size which makes it lightweight and easy to hold, tote in your bag, or pack in luggage.

Book Lovers Gift Idea: Meet the Kobo Clara HD eReader

For the purpose of the review, my Kobo Clara HD was preloaded with a few books to help me, but it’s easy to purchase and download books from the Kobo store to your eReader or you can borrow from your public library if they belong to OverDrive. Plus, you can use the Kobo app on a smartphone or tablet to read the same books, and the content will sync between devices.

The Kobo Clara HD eReader has ComfortLight Pro which makes it easy on the eyes for reading, the font can be made into a Large Print for those who prefer it, plus it has other customizable features. It gives one a natural print-like experience on the 6” HD screen. The Kobo Clara HD has 8GB of storage and is able to store up to 6000 ebooks. The long-life battery charge can give you weeks of reading. You charge by hooking up to a power source like a computer or through a USB port. A charging cord comes with the eReader.

Book Lovers Gift Idea: Meet the Kobo Clara HD eReader

Easy to turn on, the Kobo Clara HD touch screen works great and the menu is easy to navigate. You can find your activity and progress on each book, create a wish list, manage your books for your own organization preferences, and find recommended readings. This Kobo eReader also provides access to a help feature with a full user guide, connects to Pocket, and allows you to purchase directly from the Kobo store. With over 5 million titles in multiple genres in the Kobo store, you’ll always find something to read, and you’ll earn Kobo Super Points on each purchase.

The Kobo Clara HD hits all the checkmarks as an easy to use eReader for the book lovers on your holiday list. Priced at $129, the Kobo Clara HD is available at kobo.com and select retailers.

Introducing Kobo Clara HD

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Ecuadane Blankets: The Best Blankets to Give as a Gift

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What makes a blanket awesome?

It has to be soft.

It has to keep you warm.

It can’t be too heavy nor too light.

Bonus if it has a beautiful and original design that allows you to reflect your unique style.

Here’s why I think Equadane Blankets are awesome and are the best blankets to give as a gift this holiday season. Whether treating yourself or someone you love, the Ecuadane Everywhere Blanket will bring a touch of artisan style and warmth to any home.

Crafted by artisans in Ecuador, the Ecuadane Everywhere Blanket is a versatile blanket that you can use everywhere! Use the blanket at home, outdoors, sporting events, at the beach, or anywhere you might want a little extra warmth. These artisan blankets are made with an alpaca and synthetic blend that is super soft and lightweight.

Equadane Blankets are works of art themselves. Each of the blankets features gorgeous, vibrant colors and unique geometric patterns that reflect the customs and traditions of Ecuadorian villagers who craft them. Each side of the blanket has an “opposite pattern” as well, so you can switch up the look depending on which side you fold out.

Ecuadane Blankets

I was amazed at how warm the Ecuadane Blanket is. Whether lounging on the couch watching TV or venturing outdoors, the blanket keeps me at just the right temperature. The blanket is a generous ~93 x 82 inches in size (large enough to cover a king bed.) While large, the blanket isn’t too heavy. The blanket isn’t too thick either, making it an ideal blanket for wrapping around yourself like a burrito and shuffling about.

Ecuadane Blankets: The Best Blankets to Give as a Gift

I put the Ecuadane Everywhere Blanket to the “outdoor” test, wrapping myself in the blanket and taking a quick walk outside on a wintery Montana afternoon. Temperatures were hovering in the low 40s and I was impressed at how well the blanket kept the chill at bay. Even when gusts of wind blew, I stayed warm, wrapped inside the cozy alpaca-blend blanket. Impressive.

Quality, style, warmth, comfort. These are just a few of the reasons why I think Ecuadane blankets are great gifts. But the amazing gift ideas don’t stop with the Ecuadane hand-crafted, artisan blankets. Ecuadane also offers a collection of scarves, jewelry, handbags, and other quality products from around the world.

The Ecuadane Everywhere Blanket retails for $149.99. Visit the Ecuadane website at www.ecuadane.com to discover more amazing gift ideas this holiday season – or year round! Select Ecuadane Artisan Blankets and other one-of-a-kind treasures from Ecuadane are also available for sale on Amazon.

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