Meet The Comfy: The Coziest Blanket/Sweatshirt Ever

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If you watch Shark Tank, you might have seen the episode where Barbara Corcoran invested in a giant blanket/sweatshirt called The Comfy. I remember watching the episode and exclaiming that I thought it looked awesome. So when I had the opportunity to review this cozy must-have, I couldn’t refuse.

Winters here in Montana are beautiful. We live above the snowline so we often have snow on the ground, even while the city is snow-free. While beautiful, there’s still a noticeable chill in the air, creating a choice between wanting to brave the cold to enjoy the scenery or stay inside where it’s warm. The Comfy allows me to venture outdoors while still staying toasty warm – whether it’s to sit by the firepit, walk the dogs, or just enjoy the fresh air.

Meet The Comfy: The Coziest Blanket/Sweatshirt Ever

The Comfy is a giant blanket-sweatshirt hybrid. The outer sweatshirt is an ultra-soft blanket material. The inside of The Comfy is a fuzzy sherpa material that instantly makes you feel warmer. It really did feel like I was wearing a blanket.

My favorite feature of The Comfy is that the extra-large size lets you pull the sweatshirt/blanket over your knees, down towards your feet. Throw the hood over your head and you’re quickly, and entirely, covered in plush, luxurious, warmth from head to toe.

Meet The Comfy: The Coziest Blanket/Sweatshirt Ever

There’s a giant pocket on the front for you to store phones, remote controls, or even a tablet. The arms of The Comfy are extra long and extra wide. You can easily pull your arms and hands fully inside to keep your them warm. They’re cuffed, so they didn’t fall past my hands when I didn’t want my hands covered.

Meet The Comfy: The Coziest Blanket/Sweatshirt Ever

The Comfy is a great gift idea for anyone who enjoys lounging at home or spending time outdoors. Its one-size-fits-all size means it fits men, women, and kids. Not only did it fit me, but my husband, who is 5″ taller than me, found it soft, warm, and roomy as well.

The Original Comfy retails for $39.99 and is available at, as well as in Bed, Bath & Beyond, Target, Kroger, Shopko, and Fred Meyer locations. It is available in a variety of colors – Blue, Gray, Pink, Black, Burgundy, Purple, Teal, and Cream.

Where would you wear your Comfy?

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