Ecuadane Blankets: The Best Blankets to Give as a Gift

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What makes a blanket awesome?

It has to be soft.

It has to keep you warm.

It can’t be too heavy nor too light.

Bonus if it has a beautiful and original design that allows you to reflect your unique style.

Here’s why I think Equadane Blankets are awesome and are the best blankets to give as a gift this holiday season. Whether treating yourself or someone you love, the Ecuadane Everywhere Blanket will bring a touch of artisan style and warmth to any home.

Crafted by artisans in Ecuador, the Ecuadane Everywhere Blanket is a versatile blanket that you can use everywhere! Use the blanket at home, outdoors, sporting events, at the beach, or anywhere you might want a little extra warmth. These artisan blankets are made with an alpaca and synthetic blend that is super soft and lightweight.

Equadane Blankets are works of art themselves. Each of the blankets features gorgeous, vibrant colors and unique geometric patterns that reflect the customs and traditions of Ecuadorian villagers who craft them. Each side of the blanket has an “opposite pattern” as well, so you can switch up the look depending on which side you fold out.

Ecuadane Blankets

I was amazed at how warm the Ecuadane Blanket is. Whether lounging on the couch watching TV or venturing outdoors, the blanket keeps me at just the right temperature. The blanket is a generous ~93 x 82 inches in size (large enough to cover a king bed.) While large, the blanket isn’t too heavy. The blanket isn’t too thick either, making it an ideal blanket for wrapping around yourself like a burrito and shuffling about.

Ecuadane Blankets: The Best Blankets to Give as a Gift

I put the Ecuadane Everywhere Blanket to the “outdoor” test, wrapping myself in the blanket and taking a quick walk outside on a wintery Montana afternoon. Temperatures were hovering in the low 40s and I was impressed at how well the blanket kept the chill at bay. Even when gusts of wind blew, I stayed warm, wrapped inside the cozy alpaca-blend blanket. Impressive.

Quality, style, warmth, comfort. These are just a few of the reasons why I think Ecuadane blankets are great gifts. But the amazing gift ideas don’t stop with the Ecuadane hand-crafted, artisan blankets. Ecuadane also offers a collection of scarves, jewelry, handbags, and other quality products from around the world.

The Ecuadane Everywhere Blanket retails for $149.99. Visit the Ecuadane website at to discover more amazing gift ideas this holiday season – or year round! Select Ecuadane Artisan Blankets and other one-of-a-kind treasures from Ecuadane are also available for sale on Amazon.

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